Couple outside their renmore

Chantelle and Ben's homeownership story

Meet Chantelle and Ben, both 26 (and their gorgeous kitten Wolfie), who recently moved into their first home at one of our popular developments in Doncaster.

Prior to getting on to the property ladder, the couple moved back in with their parents to save up for a deposit, eager to take the next step in their relationship and buy their first home together. After living with her mum who also owns a three bedroom Tyrone at another Doncaster development, the couple were inspired to buy with Gleeson.

We spoke to Chantelle to hear more about their buying journey in a home of great value

When did you reserve your home? December 2021.

When did you move in? June 2022.

Which house type did you buy? 3 bedroom detached Renmore.

Is this your first home? Yes this is our first home! I work as a Management Assistant, and Ben works for the Emergency Services, so our work pattern made it hard for us to see each other when we were living at home with our parents, so we decided we were ready to take the next step in our relationship and buy our first home together.

Why did you choose a Gleeson home? We looked online at various other new build developers, but nothing compared with the affordability of a Gleeson home and the value for what you got for the price, we couldn’t justify that with any other developers – the location of our development is also perfect too!

My Mum currently lives in a Tyrone on another Doncaster development, so after living with her for a number of years this inspired us to start our new build search. After visiting a handful of Gleeson show homes and discovering the Renmore, we knew that a Gleeson home was for us. I also knew from living with my Mum that Gleeson homes were very energy efficient. My Mum has always had low gas and electricity bills in her Tyrone, and with the cost of energy these days, a home that is not only affordable to buy but is affordable to run was exactly what we wanted.

Why did you choose the Renmore house type? We knew we wanted a 3 bedroom home and initially were looking at the Kilkenny style or the Kildare, I liked the Kilkenny for the downstairs space and Ben liked the Kildare for the space upstairs, which is when the Sales Executive mentioned the 3 bedroom detached Renmore!

We had not considered this house type, but when we saw it we knew it was exactly want we wanted for spaciousness upstairs and downstairs! We also fell in love with the exterior design of the home, it has such a grand feel to it. We felt like we got a lot of land with the Renmore thanks to our large front and rear garden and driveway.

Why did you choose to buy a new build home? We loved the fact that when we received our keys and moved in, our home was a blank canvas ready for us to personalise it to our own individual taste! There was minimal work needed to be done and everything was brand new with a warranty, so we didn’t have to worry about anything breaking or anybody else’s mishaps… we love the idea that we are the first ones to make memories in our home!

Describe your interior style! We have loved getting in to the swing of things with our interior by adding our own personal touches to our home. We have gone for cosy, neutral tones with accent wooden vibes and black accessories!

We created a home account on Instagram, @renmoreno.1, so that we could document our journey right through from the build stages to where we are now, and of course featuring our gorgeous kitten, Wolfie too!

How was the process of buying your new home? We found it as easy as it could be, bearing in mind we are first-time buyers we were definitely anticipating it to be more stressful than it was!

The sales team were incredibly helpful, and were always happy to answer any questions we had and Ison Harrison Solicitors were also very on hand and worked well with Gleeson to ensure the process of us buying our first home ran as smoothly as possible!

How has like changed for you since moving into your Gleeson home? Life has definitely changed for the better! We are loving the independence that comes with being homeowners and having our own space to be able to do what we want with it.

It is great being able to see each other more now, and we love the feeling of coming home from a hard day’s work to somewhere we can call our own, thanks to Gleeson!

Are you enjoying life on your development? Yes absolutely, we love the community feel on our development! We have made really good friends with the couple who live across the road from us, who also work in the same field of work as Ben. Everyone we have met seems really friendly and also a similar age to us.

Our development is still in the process of being built, but despite that it is still fairly quiet and enjoyable to live on, with all the site team we come across being very friendly.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to move into a Gleeson home? We would recommend to anyone looking to buy with Gleeson to explore as many house types as possible, and to visit as many show homes as you can! Also make sure you talk to the sales team as they have a lot of knowledge on all the different house types and will be able to recommend which one they think suits you best.

Also we would suggest to buy little bits at a time for your home, it is easy to get excited and buy everything before you move in, but don’t rush into anything – enjoy the process!

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