Information about our Codes of Practice

The Consumer Code for Home Builders and the New Homes Quality Code set out several guidelines that we follow as part of our ongoing commitment to building high quality homes and providing customers with an exceptional service, every time.

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New Homes Quality Code

The New Homes Quality Code (NHQC) was introduced in 2022 replacing the Consumer Code for Homebuilders. All Gleeson reservations taken on or after the 1st November 2022 onwards are subject to the NHQC regulations.

The code offers improved protection and increased transparency to support customers through their home buying journey, from pre-reservation to completion and beyond.

What does the NHQC protect?

The NHQC is designed to help our customers understand what levels of service they can expect from us. As part of being registered developer, we are committed to delivering on the following:

  • Treat customers fairly throughout the buying and after-sales process
  • Complete work in line with all standards and regulations that apply
  • Ensure systems, processes and training are in place to meet the customer service requirements of the code
  • Provide customers with sufficient pre-purchase information to help make an informed decision with no pressure
  • Have a reliable Customer Care and clear complaints procedure detailing timings for resolving any issues to ensure after care is dealt with timely and effectively
  • Provide clear and accurate information about buying the new home, including tenure and any costs the customer may have to pay in the future, such as service charges
  • Provide the opportunity for customers to engage a suitably qualified inspector to carry out a pre-completion home inspection as per the Consumer Code guidance.
  • Share any known future work on the development and likely timescales

To find out more about how the New Homes Quality Code protects you through your homebuying journey, visit their website here.

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Consumer Code for Home Builder

Customers who reserved their Gleeson home prior to 1st November 2022, are protected by the Consumer Code for Home Builders. The Code sets out guidelines to ensure we support our customers during and after purchasing their new Gleeson home, ensuring they are:

• Treated fairly
• Know what service levels to expect
• Are given reliable information to help them make their decisions
• Know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

The Code covers every stage of the home-buying process from pre-contract through exchange of contracts, right up to occupation.