Couple at the door

Hannah and Callum’s homeownership story

Young homeowners can still afford their dream Florida holiday thanks to Gleeson Homes.

Buyers: Hannah (25) and Callum (26)

Occupations: Callum works as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer and Hannah works as an Internal Accounts Manager.

Date of purchase: May 2022

Date of completion: November 2022

Development: Springfield Meadows, Bolsover, Chesterfield

House type: 4 bedroom detached Longford

Purchase price: £259,995

Mortgage cost: £959 PCM

Prior to buying their first home, the couple lived with parents to help boost their savings for a deposit. Whilst searching for their first home, Hannah and Callum were amazed when they found out about Gleeson Homes and how affordable they are. Through a friend’s recommendation, the couple discovered they were able to not only get onto the property ladder sooner than they originally thought, but they didn’t have to compromise on some luxuries either, meaning they could still live their life to the full going on regular holidays!

After visiting their local Gleeson development and viewing a number of show homes, Hannah and Callum instantly knew the 4-bedroom, detached Longford was the home for them. Their chosen plot came with so much internal space to grow as a family, as well as a drive and a large rear garden, they truly feel like they have hit the jackpot! The couple also made use of the Gleeson optional extras range and opted for electricity in the garage - Callum has a passion for cars and owns a Classic Mini, which he has transformed and uses the garage as a workshop and home for his hobby!

Hannah and Callum found the process of buying their first home with Gleeson very simple and easy, and are now enjoying creating memories in their new home and making friends with others on the development. Most importantly, the couple love that they can still afford to go on holiday and carry on doing what they love, despite being homeowners, with a trip to Disney World Florida booked for later this year!

“We originally didn’t want to buy a new build, due to the preconceptions of them being small, however after visiting our Gleeson development our minds were quickly changed! We love the location of our site and how peaceful it is, it isn’t over populated like other new build developments. After looking at a few of the three bedroom homes we realised we wanted a bit more space, especially in the kitchen area, which is when we discovered the Longford house style and instantly fell in love! We just loved the spacious kitchen and the benefit of having a separate utility room, along with this and all the spacious bedrooms, it was a perfect combination to help form our forever home and such good value. Since moving in and having our own space we are now enjoying being the hosts, inviting our friends and families around for meals and making special memories, which wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Gleeson!”