Jess and Matt’s homeownership story

Jess, 23 and Matt, 25 have been together since 2018 and after getting engaged on Christmas Day last year, the couple decided it was time to buy their first home together.

After living with their parents to save up enough for a mortgage deposit, the couple purchased a gorgeous 2 bedroom, semi-detached Cork at one of our popular Greater Manchester developments and have loved every minute of their new life as homeowners!

We spoke to Jess to hear more about their first-time buyer journey.

When did you reserve your home? January 2022

When did you move in? May 2022

Which house type did you buy? 2 bedroom semi-detached Cork

Is this your first home? Yes, we are both first-time buyers! Matt and I both lived with our parents before moving into our Gleeson home so that we could save up as much as we could for our deposit, without wasting our savings on a rented property. We absolutely love our new-found independence of being homeowners, and the freedom that comes with it!

Why did you choose to buy a new build home? One of the main selling points for us when we chose our Gleeson home was how much more cost efficient it would be to run, compared to an older property. The fact that our monthly bills would be lower than they would have been in an older home made our decision so much easier.

We also loved the idea of being able to personalise and design our home how we wanted it. This made us feel like we were able to put our own stamp on it from the very start, creating a unique living space which would be different to any of our neighbours. Another reason we chose to buy a new build was the idea of being able to move in straight away, getting stuck into decorating and not having to worry about stripping any wallpaper or finding any issues from previous owners!

Why did you choose a Gleeson home? We completely fell in love with our Gleeson home, when we came to view it. The 2 bedroom Cork is the perfect size for both of us and as we are first-time buyers, we wanted to keep the cost of the overall purchase down; Gleeson offer such good value for money in comparison with other developers. We couldn’t believe the price difference between Gleeson and other new homes in our area, we feel so lucky to have our perfect home at such a young age.

How was the process of buying your new home? Amazing from start to finish! Our Sales Executives were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and explained everything to us step-by-step, no question was ever a silly question to ask. We were lucky to reserve our home at the stage where we could design our own kitchen and bathroom using the Gleeson optional extras, which added an extra bit of excitement to the process too. We felt welcomed and valued throughout our journey by the sales and build teams on our development, and were kept up to date with all progress regularly.

Describe your style, and what do you love most about the interior of your home? We love the fact that all appliances and extras we chose are brand new, modern and, have never been used by anyone else before. We also loved that when we first stepped into our home, that it was newly plastered and painted, so we were able to style it to our own taste, which we did by adding splashes of grey, silver and white throughout.

Are you enjoying life on your development? We are loving life on our development, we have made lots of friends around the neighbourhood, everybody is super friendly and welcoming. As our development isn’t finished yet there are still quite a few builders around, who are all so helpful, no job is too big or too small and they are always happy to help. We feel very at home. 

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to move into a Gleeson home? Reserve when you can because the homes sell fast, and you don’t want to miss out! If there is even a little part of you that says reserve  the house when you first come to look, do it. I would also advise anyone to use the in-house solicitors that Gleeson recommend, and Meridian Mortgages as your mortgage broker, as they are amazing and helped us every step of the way when it came to finding us the perfect mortgage that matched our requirements.

How has life changed for you since moving into your Gleeson home? Life has changed massively, and most definitely for the better! I have become more independent since becoming a homeowner. I have started to cook more as well as keeping up with the cleaning and the general maintenance of the home. We have also loved getting stuck in with our rear garden, transforming it into our dream outdoor space. I would recommend buying with Gleeson to anyone looking for their first home.

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