Debbi and David’s homeownership story!

Couple relocate to their second Gleeson home to be closer to family

Buyers: Debbi, 47 and David Hinchliffe, 51

Occupations: A retired RAF Airman and an Account Manager for an IT firm

Date of Reservation: April 2023

Date of Completion: June 2023

Development: Petersmiths Park, Nottinghamshire

House Type: 3-bedroom, detached Renmore

Purchase Price of the Renmore: £230,995

First Gleeson home: 3-bedroom semi-detached Galway

Purchase Price of the Galway: £132,995

Earlier this year, Debbi and David decided it was time to move from our Woodhorn Park development in Northumberland, further down south to another Gleeson development, Petersmiths Park in Nottinghamshire, to be closer to family!

We spoke to Debbi about their journey with Gleeson: 

“David and I were looking to move further south, so we were closer to our family. My family live in South Wales and David’s live in Yorkshire, so the Midlands was a perfect counterpoint between them. When we discovered that Gleeson had a development in the patch we were house hunting in, we knew we wanted to buy our second Gleeson home! David’s nephew also owns a Gleeson home on another development so the decision for us to buy our second home was easy; we knew what we were dealing with and were excited to start our second journey! Despite previously owning a 3-bedroom semi-detached Galway house style, we fell in love with the Renmore house type, as moving to a detached home is something we always wanted. As well as the overall look of the home, it has a traditional yet modern feel to it and we love the exterior, with the door central, as well as the central staircase separating the living room to the kitchen and the bedrooms upstairs.

Due to living far away from their second development the couple received help from the Sales team on Petersmiths Park. On the process of buying their home Debbi continued: 

"The process of buying our second home was a breeze. The sales team at Petersmiths Park, especially Josh and Louise, were amazing. We bought our property in a slightly unconventional way, as living three hours away, we couldn’t visit the property before buying it, so Josh and Louise were our eyes and ears, communicating every step of the way and updating us on the progress. Without them, we wouldn’t have bought our home; they were fundamental in our buying process. Our development is located in a superb area, close to woodland and rivers, and as David is a keen fisherman, and we are both outdoorsy people, this was a huge selling point for us! We love getting out on walks and exploring the local area!"

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