Couple at the front door

Chris and Lauren’s homeownership story!

Buyers: Lauren Orton, 27 and Chris Morley, 25

Occupations: Primary School Teacher and Teaching Assistant 

Year of purchase: May 2023

Development: Crown Gardens, Mansfield

House Type: Semi-detached, 3-bedroom Fergus

Purchase price: £208,995

Mortgage cost: £850

First-time buyers, Lauren and Chris both flew the nest into a spacious 3-bedroom Fergus style home at one of our popular Mansfield developments. Thanks to Gleeson’s 5% deposit contribution the couple could afford to buy their dream home and furnish it quickly too!

“We are so glad that we chose the 3-bedroom Fergus, it’s a perfect fit for us. Our home has three generous bedrooms and a spacious living area which accommodates a young couple perfectly and is also an ideal size for us when we decided to have children too. The house, location and price were all big draws as well as the lack of a chain compared to that of an older property. We were also drawn to the estate when we were shown the plans and the aesthetic of what had already been built in Crown Gardens. We did look at a number of older properties but struggled to find a home that suited us, we hated the idea that someone else would have lived in our home before us. We also couldn’t find any areas, neighbourhoods or estates that we liked for the same price range as a new build with Gleeson, the affordability was a huge factor for us."

On the process of buying their first home, the couple went on to say:

"The process of buying our home was really easy and simple. Our plot had actually fallen through from a previous customer, which meant that all of our upgrades and optional extras were already chosen for us. We used Gleeson’s recommended mortgage advisors and solicitors, which sped up the process even more and meant that our Sales Executive, Danielle could help chase any deadlines instead of us needing to which resulted in a very smooth and quick process. After living in our new home for a number of months, we have found that our energy bills are very efficient and reasonable, and our home is consistently warm. We are very happy to be living together, it has helped us establish a better work-life balance as we no longer need to travel and see each other as we did when we lived apart. For anybody looking to buy a Gleeson home we would recommend to call in and speak to the sales team, they are friendly and helpful, ready to answer any questions you have. Also, make sure you look around the estate itself as well as the show homes to see if you can picture yourself and/or your family living there. Also, visit multiple times and as often as you can."

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