Couple in the front door

Bethany and Scott’s homeownership story!

Scott and Bethany, first-time homebuyers with two children, were looking to escape the renting trap and transition to homeownership. Encouraged by positive stories from residents in their desired community, the couple were invested and ready to buy their first home with Gleeson.

Buyers: Bethany, 29 and Scott, 26

Occupations: Bethany works in Hospitality and Scott is an Emergency Service worker

Year of purchase: April 2023

Development: Blossom Park, Houghton le Spring

House type: 3-bedroom, semi-detached Tyrone

Purchase price: £101,496 through the First Homes Scheme (Marketed at £144,995)

Mortgage cost: £380.23

Previous monthly rent: £475

We spoke to Bethany to find out more about their journey with Gleeson:

“Scott and I are first-time buyers and are very proud of our Gleeson home. We have two young children, Riley and Brodie ages three and one who both love their house as well.

"After living in our previous rental property, which was very old and run down, we knew that buying a new home would be a better investment for us. Although the rent was affordable to us at £475pm, the property was in serious disrepair and neglected by the landlord and letting agency. The quality of our new home is far superior in every way, including a cheaper mortgage price! We are both very glad to put the rented property behind us.

"We started to invest our time into Gleeson over other new build developers as they were one of the only housebuilders in the area who accepted the First Homes scheme. The process of buying our home was a little challenging due to the First Homes scheme being very new at the time, but Gleeson were fantastic and communicated with us every step of the way. A special shoutout to Jeanette from Blossom Park who we are both very thankful for. Her professionalism and how much help she was to us during the buying process was superb.

"We chose the Tyrone as it’s a lovely 3-bedroom house with a great layout, we especially love the kitchen! Since moving in we have found that our energy bills are now more affordable than what we were paying for in our previous rented property.

"Not only did we buy our Gleeson home but we also got married in October at Le Petit Chateau in Northumberland and Scott landed his dream career, we’ve celebrated birthdays and our first Christmas as homeowners, and as a family, we now couldn’t be happier. Since moving in, I have made friends with our neighbours and they are wonderful, this development has a great community feel to it. We have already recommended Gleeson to many of our family and friends and would urge anyone looking to buy a home to consider a Gleeson property.

If you have been inspired by Bethany and Scott’s homebuying journey, why not browse our nearest developments to you? With affordable buying schemes, a wide range of offers, additional incentives and energy efficiency as standard, there’s never been a better time to buy new with Gleeson. Click here to start your search!