Alicia and Billy’s homeownership story!

Second-stepping into a new home!

Buyer: Alicia Wilkins (25)

Occupation: Alicia is in Marketing and lives with her partner Billy (25) who is an Infantry Soldier in the Military 

Year of purchase: October 2023

Development: Rainsborough Park, West Yorkshire

House type: 2-bedroom, semi-detached Mayfield

Purchase price: £161,995

Mortgage cost: £741.06

After a year of commuting across the country to see her partner, Alicia decided it was time to list her one-bedroom apartment in the Midlands and buy her second home in West Yorkshire to be closer to Billy.

Billy, who supported Alicia every step of the way, moved out of the Army Barracks where he had been living and the couple moved in together to start a new chapter together in a home they could have only dreamed of with Gleeson.

We spoke to the couple to find out more about their homebuying journey:

“Before our journey with Gleeson, I (Alicia) lived in the midlands as a homeowner of a 1-bedroom apartment and Billy lived in Army Barracks in Catterick Garrison. As Billy grew up in Yorkshire, we wanted to move somewhere within close proximity to his family network and also somewhere with a commutable distance to Catterick. Although I work from home for the majority, having good transport links down to the offices in London and Birmingham as well as to my family in Leicester were also integral. As a long-distance couple, this was a big move for both of us and we wanted the security of a new-build home, where we knew we could rely on a warranty should there be any issues with the property itself.

“My previous property was mortgaged for only £250pm compared to now £741, however, I feel the benefit outweighs the cost as we are now in a much larger and convenient space, where most importantly we can be together and easily commute up and down the country. There is more space than we could have hoped for in a 2-bed property, with a generous sized front and rear garden and a large living space too!"

“We chose the 2-bedroom Mayfield as our first home together as it ticked all the boxes. We were looking for a home to see us through the next five years or so, allowing us growth for the future. We visited the show home in Grimsby and loved the unique layout of the Mayfield as we wanted a home where the entrance wasn’t leading directly into the living room. We also love the look of the property from the front as they are typically corner plots. The layout makes the space feel much larger than a 2-bedroom home and we particularly liked the dual aspect windows in the lounge and master bedroom which bring in lots of natural light."

“We chose to buy with Gleeson over other new build developers in the area due to the fantastic location and affordability. Gleeson has several developments in the North, so it gave us options when we were choosing the right location. The site we chose has great transport links both North and South with two major cities nearby. The accessibility to nearby cities (whilst not directly within the hustle and bustle) was appealing to us from a career perspective. We also knew that we could afford a Gleeson home comfortably to allow for growing room and financial stability in our family."

“Billy’s cousin, who is also in the military, bought a home next door to us (which wasn’t pre-planned, but a nice surprise on move-in day). We also know other military couples that have started their home-buying journey with Gleeson in Catterick. Gleeson homes are particularly appealing to those in the forces due to the location and accessibility and they are particularly good starter homes for young families. We originally heard about Gleeson through Billy’s mum, whose colleague recommended the site after her relatives recently purchased a Gleeson home!"

“With any home buying process, the journey has its ups and downs and we’d be lying to say it was a totally stress-free, smooth transition. What I can say is that Gleeson was very supportive through any hiccups and incredibly patient with us as we went through the motions of selling my previous property. We were updated and kept in the loop where possible and had realistic expectations set by the sales team. We received weekly build updates, and we were truly made to feel special as we embarked on this journey together."

“Our Gleeson home has allowed us to have a fresh start together in a home we could have only dreamed of. After a year of commuting up and down the country, we now have a safe haven of our own that allows us to balance our personal and professional commitments. Our home has given us a blank canvas to establish who we are as a couple as we grow into the next chapter. The community on our estate is fantastic and we look forward to new friendships and happy memories in years to come.”

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