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Leah's homeownership story

Meet Leah, 32, known as @mayfield_countryhome on Instagram, a single buyer who has achieved her dream of homeownership thanks to Gleeson in a stunning two bedroom semi-detached Mayfield!

Before buying her beautiful Gleeson home, Leah was renting an older property which did not have central heating or mains plumbing, meaning her water and electricity bills were huge as she used alternative methods for her utilities. Since moving into her dream home, Leah is now saving over £250 in rent per month and over £350 per month on her utility bills so is much happier!

We spoke to Leah to hear more about her Gleeson home buying journey.

When did you reserve your home? January 2021.

When did you move in? July 2021.

Which house type did you buy? 2 bedroom semi-detached Mayfield.

Is this your first home? Yes, and I absolutely love it! I was previously renting a 3 bedroom detached house, but my rent was  high, at £650 per month, and the house didn’t have any of the modern conveniences you would expect; it was a nightmare! I didn't have gas central heating, the house was very dated and just had a coal fire and a back burner which was used as the heating system, so I quite often used electric radiators to heat my home. This system was also used to heat the water in the house, so my electricity bill was an absolute fortune! There wasn’t any mains plumbing either so the house was attached to a private septic system which added to my annual maintenance costs getting the tank emptied and repaired.

I was desperate to buy, but just needed to save! So I moved in with my brother for a little while so I could do this. I reserved a home with another housebuilder, however it all fell through, I didn’t get great customer service and due to the pandemic it became tricky. After some patience, I discovered Gleeson and was super impressed by the 2 bedroom Mayfield, and as they say, the rest is history!

Why did you choose to buy with Gleeson? Affordability was a big thing for me, but also the location of my development was ideal, close to family and amenities. In my beautiful Gleeson home I’m paying £399 per month for my mortgage which is £250 per month cheaper than my previous rental cost. Gleeson’s sales team made me feel so at ease right away, and although I had to do some travelling to visit my sales centre, it was worth it! I’ve gained so much by buying; not only can I personalise and decorate my home how I want, but I’ve also got a better quality of life in a brand new home.

Why did you choose to buy new? I didn’t want the stress of renovating a home, and after seeing my brother and partner buy new build homes in the past, I knew I wanted the same thing. I loved the idea of picking my own kitchen and being able to decorate a blank canvas perfect for me. I also was very keen on lowering my outgoings, and new build homes are so energy efficient. After being in my rented home, having low bills and new appliances really is amazing, I’m saving so much money.

It's also great knowing I’ve got a two year Gleeson warranty, backed by the NHBC's resolution service, and a further eight years of insurance cover from NHBC which gives me peace of mind that if I ever have any trouble I’d be fine! Especially after having to go through a landlord for any hiccups with my rented house, this feels like a godsend.

How was the process of buying your new home? Sometimes it was a little stressful, but the sales team were brilliant and dealt with any queries or worries that I had! I asked lots of questions, and was so excited. Don’t be afraid to ask your sales executive questions, as they are completely used to it, and so are the solicitors and mortgage advisors. Since moving in if I’ve ever had any issues the site team have rectified them very promptly which is great.

What do you love the most about your home? I love the size of my living room and the layout of my staircase. Despite being only a 2 bedroom house, the bedrooms area very decent size and you can easily fit a double bed in the second bedroom and a king size bed in the master! I’ve got lots of land compared to most new build homes, with a huge back garden and a spacious front garden too. My house is also very private and tucked away on the development, which is lovely and the view from my living room window is gorgeous! I really love the community on my development, we have a group Facebook page and everyone is very friendly.

Describe your interior style? Bling! Everything in my house is mirrored, very girly and pink. I’ve got pink bedding, floral accents and lots of glitz, which you can see on my Instagram @mayfield_countryhome.

I opted for laminate flooring throughout to make it easier to clean and carpet on the stairs and landing. I also decided to purchase a lot of extras such as half tiling in the bathroom, shower screen, and an outdoor tap which has been great for helping me take care of the garden during the heatwave.

How has life changed since moving into your home? Despite being 32 and technically living alone for a few years in my rented house, being a homeowner makes me feel like a real adult! It's great to be able to have family and friends round at my leisure. I can do the house up the way I want it, the bills are fantastic. I save at least £600 a month combined with mortgage and energy costs compared to my rented accommodation, which has helped me plan for the future and enjoy nicer things in life. I feel so settled and part of a community and my neighbours are so lovely, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in my Gleeson home.

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