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Anna and Daniel's homeownership story

Ready to fly the nest and have a place to call their own, Anna, 23 and Daniel, 30 decided it was time to move out of their parents’ home, and into the independence of homeownership.  
After pondering their next steps, Anna and Daniel decided to avoid the rent trap and instead get straight onto the property ladder, so they started looking at new build developers in their area.  
After finding Gleeson, Business Development Manager, Anna and Self-Employed Campervan Converter, Daniel fell in love with the 3 bedroom detached Renmore and when they saw how affordable it would be for their mortgage they were sold.  
Since moving in, the couple couldn’t be happier, so we spoke to Anna about how buying a Gleeson home has changed their life.   
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When did you reserve your home? June 2021. 

When did you move in? September 2021. 

Which house type did you buy? The 3 bedroom detached Renmore. 

Why a Gleeson home? We had a look around at various other new build developments, but Gleeson definitely came out on top. We were pleasantly surprised with the affordability of a Gleeson home and the value for money we could get within our budget, we never imagined that we would be able to purchase a detached house with so much space as our first home, but Gleeson proved us wrong! Our mortgage is only £400 per month, which is incredibly affordable, and means that we have spare cash to enjoy holidays and treats.  

Also, after hearing good reviews from family and friends who have recently gone through the process with Gleeson, we knew it was a company that we could trust to help us get onto the property ladder, especially due to Gleeson’s expertise with first-time buyers.  

Why did you choose a Renmore? We chose the Renmore because we instantly fell in love with the traditional look and feel of the home, especially the bold front door set in the middle of the exterior. Another reason we chose the Renmore was the spacious feel of the home! We love being able to entertain and host our family and friends, without having to compromise on it being a tight squeeze, especially in the kitchen. I also can’t forget to mention the upstairs gallery landing, this is something that stood out to us and we have loved personalising and decorating this space.  

Why did you choose to buy new? We love that with our Gleeson home, we were able to personalise and style it to our own individual taste right from the beginning, we loved being able to choose our optional extras, and have enjoyed getting stuck into decorating, bringing our blank canvas to life.  

Also, it was great not having to worry about any deep cleaning from previous tenants or homeowners, being the first people to make memories in our home is truly special to us. It was such a great feeling when we received our keys and stepped into our new home, we love that everything inside it is brand new, unused and fantastic quality. 

After living in our home for just over a year now, we have also found that the affordability doesn’t stop with the initial price. Our energy bills are still low despite the current living crisis, meaning that we can still afford to go out and enjoy ourselves even with having bills to pay! 

How was the process of buying your new home? We found the process of getting onto the property ladder with Gleeson Homes super easy and straightforward. In just over three months we reserved, exchanged, completed and moved into our dream home, thanks to the amazing Sales Executives at our development. We never thought that buying your first home could be so stress free, but the Sales Executives were on hand to answer any questions we had, making the processes enjoyable! 

Are you enjoying life on your development? Yes we are loving it! The community feel is great and all the neighbours are extremely friendly and respectful. We are much happier since moving out of our parents houses and into our new home, we have an amazing sense of independence and pride knowing that we’re officially homeowners!  

Is there anything else you want to add about your home buying journey? Enjoy every minute of it, you only buy your first home once! 

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