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Alexa and Jordan's homeownership story

Meet Alexa, 26 and Jordan, 29, newlyweds based in Louth who moved into their dream family home with their son on one of our Lincolnshire developments in September 2022.

After living in rented accommodation for eight years and raising a now six-year old child, the couple had outgrown their previous accommodation and wanted a spacious family home to call their own.

After postponing three wedding dates resulting in a six year engagement due to lockdown restrictions, and not expecting to buy a home so soon, the couple were thrilled when they stumbled across Gleeson who were able to make their dream of homeownership a reality sooner than they thought!

We spoke to the couple to hear more about their journey.

When did you reserve your home? July 2022

When did you move in? September 2022

Which house type did you buy? 4 bedroom detached Longford

Is this your first home? Yes, and we absolutely love it! After deciding to save for a wedding before buying our first home, we were over the moon that we would be able to achieve both milestones in one year.

It was never in our plans to buy our first home this year, weddings are so expensive and all of our savings went into that. We then decided to book a summer holiday, and with just a little bit of savings left over and wedding money gifts, we couldn’t believe it when we received our mortgage in principle and realised we could afford to buy a detached new home.

We stumbled across Gleeson and was pleasantly surprised with how many developments in Lincolnshire there were for us to choose from, and how affordable it would be to get onto the property ladder! Thanks to Gleeson our homeownership journey has been made possible a lot sooner than we thought!

Why did you choose to buy with Gleeson? It was a no brainer for us, knowing we could own a larger property for an affordable price, with lower monthly bills than what an older property would be. This made the decision to buy with Gleeson easy for us. In our previous rented accommodation we were living in a 3 bedroom, semi-detached home which was a lot smaller throughout, with only one toilet. Our Longford home is so much bigger and has four spacious bedrooms and three toilets.

We also love the location of our development, our first rental was a cottage in a small village, we then went on to the semi-detached home in the middle of town, and now with our development we feel like we have the best of both worlds – it’s far enough out of town to enjoy the peace and quiet, but still within reasonable reach of the shops and the community.

Why did you choose to buy new? We tried our luck and put an offer in an old 1900s renovation project up the road from our rented accommodation because it was cheap. Our offer was declined and we are so glad it was as a new build was a much better option for us. Our Gleeson home was so affordable and the process was super easy. We wanted a space that we could move into that was fresh and new but that we could still make our own.

Why did you choose the Longford house type? There were so many positives to all the Gleeson homes, but what drew us to the Longford especially was the big open kitchen space. We love cooking fresh homemade meals and experimenting with different ingredients and recipes and the kitchen in the Longford has allowed us to do just that. From coming from a restricted, small kitchen in our rented house, the Longford kitchen has a given us a new passion for cooking and baking.

We also loved the fact that our Longford comes with a front and rear garden so our son has plenty of outdoor space to play in, plus a garage and drive for our cars too! We also love that we have an en-suite to the master bedroom, which ticked all of our criteria, plus the extra fourth bedroom for visitors made it the perfect family home!

How was the process of buying your new home for you? The process was so quick! We reserved our home at stage 15, we then went away on holiday (which was the worse timing as we had to do lots of paperwork to complete) but as soon as we got back we were ready to pack all of our stuff and move, it was as quick as that!

We had so much support from our Sales Executives who helped us achieve our dream and kept us up to date with everything on a regular basis. They managed to find us the property we wanted on the site we wanted, and we received our keys exactly two months after we reserved.

How has life changed for you since moving into your Gleeson home? Since moving in, coming home from work has been so much more enjoyable. Walking through the door every day and knowing it is your own home is so satisfying and one of the best feelings.

I love that we moved into a blank canvas, enabling us to add our own personal touch throughout our home, it’s so satisfying to see the subtle transformations of each room as the weeks go by. We spend most our time discussing all our ideas and inspirations upcoming projects in the house and we can’t wait for summer where we will be definitely making more transformations to the outside – our house is now starting to feel like a home, and our son loves it too.

Describe your interior style! We like a modern style and we like to explore different textures through the use of wood, paint and furnishings. We’ve enjoyed transforming our living room by creating a media wall! We started up our own home Instagram page, @houseatnumbersix to document projects like the media wall and to show our journey of making our house into a home!

Are you enjoying life on your development? The community is so friendly and our neighbours have been fantastic, it’s so nice to have such a supportive network around you when you’re new to the area! The Gleeson online community has also been such a massive support in answering any questions we have had too, and I’d highly recommend following the Gleeson account so that you can see how the different show homes are styled.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to move into a Gleeson home? Definitely look at the show homes, and the Gleeson Instagram page! We sometimes found it hard to visualise the home itself during the construction period, especially with us being one of the first few houses on the site, so when we walked into our house for the home demo we were so surprised with how spacious and open it felt compared to when it was brick and block!

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