A guide to air source heat pumps

All Gleeson homes starting build post June 2023 will be heated using air source heat pump technology, a much more sustainable option when it comes to energy consumption.

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Air source heat pumps are a much more energy efficient method of heating, using around 65-70% less energy than a modern gas boiler. In fact, for every kilowatt of electrical energy consumed by the air source heat pump, around three kilowatts of heat energy will be provided to your home. This means that two kilowatts of energy are extracted from the air, completely free. 

While heat pumps are a relatively new energy solution for homes across the UK, they have been widely used in countries such as Sweden, Japan and France for several decades now. This goes to show that they are a tested technology and can be reliably used in different kinds of climates.

What to expect from your air source heat pump

For more information on what an air source heat pump is, how it works and the benefits to your beautiful new Gleeson home, watch our handy video clip below which explains all.


An air source heat pump is an energy efficient alternative to a traditional gas boiler that will reduce your carbon footprint and lower the cost of your energy bills.

Air source heat pumps work by extracting energy from the outside air, made possible by ‘refrigerants’ which get hot at extremely low temperatures. This basic process has been common in our homes for many years – the fridge in your kitchen works in the same way, only in reverse.

Your air source heat pump will be located in the rear garden, typically beneath the rear window.

There are many benefits to using an air source heat pump but two of the most important are that they are a much more sustainable option and use around 65-70% less energy than a modern gas boiler. Additionally, unlike gas boilers, there are no dangerous or explosive gases, nor is there any risk of carbon monoxide build up, making it a much safer solution for you and your home.

Yes, like traditional boilers, your air source heat pump will require regular servicing. This should be carried out by a professional engineer at least once a year. We recommend checking this within your handover documents.

Your dedicated Sales Executive will be able to confirm this information with you at the point of reservation. If you have any questions, please speak directly with a member of the team at the sales centre you have enquired about.