If you’ve been living with your parents or renting for a while, then you might think that buying a home is not possible. We're here to debunk that myth.

You only need

5% deposit

with Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme

new build home garden

At Gleeson we build high quality, low cost homes with prices starting from just £100,000 for a beautiful 2 bedroom home.

We offer the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme, meaning you’ll only need a 5% deposit to buy one of our homes, so your deposit could be as low as £4,750*.

The affordability was spot on for us! We didn’t think we’d be able to buy a 3 bedroom detached house so big for our first home together, but Gleeson proved us wrong. Our home actually works out cheaper than the rent and bills we were paying for the 2 bedroom flat, which is just incredible considering the size difference.

Brad 24, and Charmaine, 22

A Gleeson home is both affordable to buy, and, affordable to run

On average our customers are spending £81 a week on their mortgage, compared to £132 to rent a similar sized property. This means many of our customers who move from rented homes to a Gleeson home find that with their extra money they can enjoy more treats than ever.

Not only does buying a Gleeson home vs renting give you a healthy saving, but it also allows you to invest your hard earned money into your future. You’ll no longer be lining the pockets of your landlord or relying on the bank of Mum and Dad. Instead you’ll be working towards paying off your greatest asset, the asset that will, set you up for life…. a new home.

A Gleeson home is both affordable to buy, and, affordable to run too, with the average combined gas and electricity bill for a Gleeson home being just £721 a year, which works out at £60 per month which is less than £14 per week, the cost of a takeaway! This is £35 per month lower than the national average.

Let’s think about this for a moment… over a 25 year period, you could be saving £12,000 just on utility bills.

*Dependent on house type

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