Rosie and Lily Preston

Rosie and Lily's homeownership story

Feeling that the time was right to take her first steps into homeownership, solo-buyer Rosie fell in love with the Tyrone at her local development, and the fact that she needed just a 5% deposit to own it made things even better.

Living independently has been amazing for Rosie, and she has gained so much more than a home since moving into her Tyrone almost three years ago, including two cats, named Tiger and Mylie, a new job, a boyfriend who has how moved in with her and lots of friends on her development too. This was made even better for her when her sister moved in down the road too! 

The interview:

When did you reserve your home? November 2017

What date did you move in? August 2018

Which home type did you buy? Tyrone, a 3 bedroom semi-detached home

Is this your first home? Yes, this is my first home, beforehand I was living with my parents but was ready for my own space. I felt ready to live independently and decorate a whole house however I wanted! I've always been very independent and have always had an attitude of just getting on with stuff and having a go myself. My neighbours are always shocked how much DIY I actually do myself, so buying alone for me wasn’t scary, it just felt like the next step for me!

Despite being headstrong, buying my first home was such a huge achievement for me, someone once asked me “What are you most proud of?” and I said buying my house alone - most people rely on meeting "the one" before they can own a home, but women can do anything if they put their mind to it.

My sister and her boyfriend are following in my footsteps and are also buying on my development. They are estimated to complete early this summer, purchasing a four-bedroom Waterford. Moving straight out of my parent’s home and being able to buy a four-bedroom detached as their first home really is testament to how affordable Gleeson homes are.

Why a new home? It was nice to have a blank canvas to make my own design decisions. Plus, with a new house you don’t need to worry about the structure or deterioration problems that come with old houses, you can simply move in and put your own stamp on your home right away.

New homes are also great for their affordability and the schemes available to help you buy. When I bought my home, I was able to take advantage of the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme meaning as a solo buyer who was struggling to save a 10% deposit I could instead purchase with just a 5% deposit!

Additionally, because of the Help to Buy: Equity Loan scheme I was able to afford a three-bed semi-detached – a much larger house than I ever imagined for my first home. It meant I could save up and move into my dream home a lot sooner.

Why a Gleeson home? I chose Gleeson as its houses were much more affordable than other housebuilders on the market. With Gleeson I got a good-sized garden which is great for having family and friends round and means my parents get a chance to enjoy themselves, rather than always having to be the hosts.

I also love my development’s location, it’s close by to my family and also within good access of the motorway - at the time when I reserved, I worked in Rochdale so I could jump on the motorway in ten minutes. I now work in Leeds city centre, but I can still travel there within half an hour.

The Tyrone really sold Gleeson to me. My favourite thing about my home is the kitchen diner (I think everyone with a Tyrone will say the same!). I love cooking and entertaining and the space is perfect for both. I also like that the lounge is at the back of the house so that I can sit and look out at the garden and we have privacy away from people walking past in the street.

How was the process of buying your home? Pretty straight forward. I unfortunately got made redundant during the buying process however was able to get another job within a month. I was worried at that time that I would lose the house which was very stressful! My estimated completion was June; however, this became the end of August. This wasn’t an issue as I lived at home and it enabled me to save more money. My Sales Executive was amazing at keeping me informed of the progress throughout.

My new job is as a Product Marketing Executive for one of the UK’s leading tile distributors. I spend most of my time at work designing graphics for various retailers and projects as well as influencing what products will go in the range, meaning I have a keen eye for design and how a room can be styled, I was raring to go when I moved into my new home.

What are you enjoying most about being a homeowner? The freedom of having my own space is definitely one of the best parts of being a homeowner. I really enjoy cooking and the Tyrone kitchen is perfect for that. I also really enjoy gardening and entertaining friends and family. I never thought my first house would be a three-bedroom semi-detached – I expected to buy a small terrace where I would be lucky to have a small amount of outdoor space. Instead, I have a lovely large garden. My boyfriend moved in at the start of lockdown last year so we had to make a few changes in terms of storage but there is still plenty of space! I also have really good neighbours who have become close friends. Making friends with my neighbours has meant I can share home ideas and create a great community, something which translates onto Instagram too with Gleeson homeowners sharing interior inspiration and tips online every day!

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