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What to do with your spare room

If you’re considering buying your dream home, you’re probably super excited about all of the potential new space that you’ll have, especially if you are moving out of your parents’ or a rented home.

With a spare room or two alongside your master bedroom there’s plenty of room for you to personalise to your style in a Gleeson home.

The master bedroom is simple; a haven to sleep and relax. But with a spare bedroom the possibilities and options are endless. Your spare room doesn’t need to be a unused or empty space. Start by thinking about what you need from your home and how your  space works best for you.

We’ve put together some inspiration and tips to help you make the most out of your spare room.

Home office

If working from home, then it helps to have an inspiring place to work. There are a few simple necessities we think you need for the perfect office space added to which, a little feng shui goes a long way.

Let’s start with the desk; not only is this a necessity for a home office but the placement of your desk is also key.

Whilst you may be tempted to position your desk so you have a view directly out the window, we recommend a position that benefits from natural light but where your attention flow is dedicated to the task in hand. Think about sun on your screen, on in your face when you’re on that zoom call. And make sure you finish this space off with a comfy office chair and accessories. We’re loving plants as they’re both calming and stylish, and you also can’t go wrong with prints. Whether it’s a motivational quote to give you that little pick me up or a stunning picture of a dream destination to help you focus on your goals, prints can add that luxe feel to an office and help create a beautiful space to work or study. A comfy chair allows you to double the function of this room, creating somewhere you can relax and read your favourite book or pop on a podcast and wind down at the end of the day. Comfort is key.

Dressing room

A dressing room is the perfect use for a spare room, particularly if you need somewhere to store hordes of clothes! With a dressing room, not only can you incorporate tonnes of storage but you can create the ideal space to pamper yourself by adding a dressing table and stylish chair. Choose closed wardrobes with mirrored doors for a handy storage space which doubles up as a mirror, reflecting the natural light flowing into your room. Plus closed wardrobes of this kind are great for hiding a multitude of sins (if you’re not the tidiest).

Alternatively, if you’d prefer an open plan layout you can Hinch your way to heaven and organise open rails and shelves to show off all your beautiful clothes. Making sure they’re in colour or outfit order of course. We love the idea of simplicity in a dressing room, as the detail is in the clothes. Try to keep accessories minimal but decorative, helping you keep this space tidy. A day bed is also a great feature to add to this room, perfect for guests that come to stay and your catwalk audience.


You may be thinking about taking the next step when you become a homeowner and welcoming a little one to your family, or maybe you already have  one in tow. Your spare room is the ideal space to transform into the perfect nursery for your new family member.

There are so many beautiful themes for nurseries and in particular the safari theme is very on-trend right now. Choose animal themed accessories, a light green paint with a khaki tone and add some wall stickers for that extra touch. Finish the look with lots of cuddly toys, beautiful bed linen and a quirky textured rug.

Or perhaps you’re keen on achieving the neutral, unisex look for your nursery. For this theme, pick white walls, lots of nude blankets, cushions and textiles for texture and comfort, and a cloud style mobile hanging above the crib. Continue this theme with cloud shape shelves holding an array of story books and a sheepskin rug for that finishing touch.

For more tips on how to create the perfect little ones bedroom read our ‘how to style your child’s bedroom blog here.

Games room / man cave

Another great idea for your spare room is a man cave, an ideal use of space for those who don’t want the zen feel of their living room to be ruined by an Xbox and gaming chair!

Whether you’re creating a chill space for you or your other half, make sure to include comfy seating or even a sofa bed for dual functionality. Why not include a theme throughout? Whether you go for marvel, football or a favourite type of whiskey, a theme will really help make the room bespoke to your interests and personality. 

For practicality, try adding some shelving to display your favourite trinkets or prized possessions and add a focal point to the room. Or why not go bold and create a feature wall with a twist using chalkboard paint? If you nail the interior and features of this room and we’re sure you won’t hear a peep from your partner while you have some me time.

Pet room

Do you have the most pampered pet of all? Well with a Gleeson home you’ll have all the space to give them their very own pet room! If your furry friend is a cat, you can create a wild play space by adding in shelves at varied heights. And we all know cats love wicker, so go for a woven rug and plenty of baskets to keep your pet room stylish.

If you’re a dog Mum or Dad, your pampered pooch will love its own play space, so follow in the footprints of Mrs Hinch and pop a dog bed in your spare room so they can cosy up at the end of the day. After all, it’s a hard life for our pets!


Maybe you simply want to finish your home with an extra bedroom. To create a luxe hotel feel for your guest room choose a neutral colour palette with timeless and calming cream tones and whites. Consider adding panelling to create the perfect backdrop to the bed or an eye catching on-trend headboard. There are so many handy tutorials online to check out to help you master the panelling look. Of course comfort is essential when it comes to sleep so make sure to find the cosiest feather down duvet and pillows to compliment, pick lush white bed linens to continue that hotel vibe. Accessorise with chic lighting, gorgeous smelling candles and of course cushions!

We hope our blog has helped get you thinking about how you’ll utilise the space available to you in a Gleeson home. There’s so many uses for your spare room, the choices are endless, so don’t forget to share your own ideas with us on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our blog and our feed.

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