Stay at home tips for keeping your home as good as new

As Marie Kondo says, 'Out with the old, in with the same'

Now is the perfect time to concentrate on what really sparks joy in your home and enjoy the space you’ve created for yourself.

Tidy house, tidy mind
A good spring clean starts with a tidy. Ask yourself what you really need. Many of us feel we have too much clutter in our homes but is it a storage issue or is the real issue that we simply have too much stuff?

Start your tidying by categorising your belongings rather than looking at it room by room as you’ll probably find that your clutter gets moved from one room to the next otherwise.
Clothes are a great starting point as we often have little attachment to them and can get through everything pretty quickly. Make three piles; keep, sell, donate. You’ll probably find that by the end of your tidy, you’ll have the potential to make a bit of money selling on re-sale sites like eBay and Depop. Next, move on to books or DVDs.

Once you have decided on what you’re keeping, it’s time to organise. Shoe boxes, vacuum bags and organiser trays are going to come in very handy here. Now you know what you’ve got, you’ll know what storage you need. You can even repurpose cardboard boxes from those online orders you've been making, by covering the boxes in paper, old wallpaper samples or paint.

Now everything is organised and clear, it’s a great time to clean. Think about the bottom of the wardrobe you’ve neglected from vacuuming as you’ve not seen it for months! Turn your mattress, move your furniture and clean behind that too.

Shake things up
If you’re still feeling like you want more of a change, why not rearrange your furniture? Swap the sofas round or move furniture from one room to another. Your home will be looking as good as new in no time!

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