Abbie and Lewie happy buyers gleeson

Abbie and Lewie’s home buying journey

@newbuildfairytale is the Instagram account of Abbie and Lewie and a fairytale couldn’t be more accurate, with a Christmas engagement and the pair being inseparable since moving in together in November after being separated during lockdown.

Falling even more in love with each other and their home, the couple got more for their money than they expected by buying a detached Kildare and are loving nothing more than making it their own, getting an unbelievable number of compliments about how stunning and spacious their home is.

Having spent their first Christmas in their new home, and Lewie putting a ring on it we caught up with the pair to see what their highlights have been and what they’re looking forward to in 2021.

The interview:

When did you reserve your home? 1st August 2020.

What date did you move in? 27/11/2020.

Which house type did you buy? Kildare, a 3-bedroom detached with a garage.

Is this your first home? Yes, we had wanted to get onto the property ladder for some time before buying our Gleeson home, but had been patiently waiting for the right time. We got together when we were 18 and have been together for over six years. We rented for two years, but really wanted to buy but we just couldn’t save enough while we were renting. So, we decided to both moved back into our own parents’ homes for two years to save. We paid board, but much less than the rent and bills that we were paying. We were really lucky to have this option as we realise not everyone can do this, and we are so grateful to our parents for allowing us the opportunity to save.

However, despite how financially practical it was, we were fed up with only seeing each other at weekends at our parents’ homes. We are both from different ends of the North East, so it was tricky to make time to see each other in the week. Then Covid-19 and lockdown came along, which made it even more difficult. There is no doubt that lockdown made us buy sooner than we planned but buying our home has been the silver lining to what has been the most awful year and we couldn’t be happier.

Why a Gleeson home? We chose Gleeson because we had visited numerous sites around the North East and had seen a consistent good finish on all the Gleeson homes. The particular site we chose is relatively small and familiar, which was a bonus for us as we knew the area and that it would be a good community. I finally got Lewie to move to my side of the Tyne too which was even better!

With Gleeson we found we got the best value for money compared with other housebuilders. We were able to buy a 3-bedroom home, when originally, we were only thinking we’d be able to get a semi-detached home without a garage. Meridian Mortgages the new build specialist mortgage advisers were really helpful, they looked at our budget and worked out that a detached home was well within reach for us. We never thought as first-time buyers we’d be able to have a home this big! The three bedrooms are such a good size, they feel so spacious. Everyone has commented on how big our home is ‘for a new build’! Even our landing is huge. We also loved the fact that the Kildare has an en-suite with a shower and a separate bathroom. Another thing that we loved was all the optional extras you could choose from like picking our kitchen and bathroom tiles, which made the experience feel personalised.

Why a new home? We wanted a new build for several reasons, mainly the 10-year NHBC warranty and the two-year builder warranty as they gave us peace of mind. And, our home is a new blank canvas to do what we like with added to which we could move in straight away without having to worry about renovating, rectifying issues or decorating immediately. Plus, the fact no one has lived here before makes it feel even more like it is all ours!

How was the process of buying your first home? The process in general was smooth. There is a lot of paperwork which we underestimated but as soon as we read, understood, and signed it, everything was sorted promptly between the mortgage advisor, Gleeson and our solicitor. Any queries we had were answered quickly too, we had regular site visits and updates and Gleeson were very accommodating. In the end our completion was brought forward by three months which we worried about at first as it all happened so quickly, but we are so pleased about it now. Any hiccups we had were followed up and sorted immediately; it was so exciting but also nerve wracking. I’d say to anyone buying their first home, there will be times when you feel really overwhelmed but just relax as it’ll be the best moment of your life when you get your keys.

How was life changed for you since moving into your Gleeson home?  Our entire lifestyle has changed since moving in. We have our own space and we now see each other every day instead of just at weekends; we’re never apart! We also don’t have to worry about stepping on our family’s’ toes and we have a newfound sense of independence and freedom. Lewie loves coming home, cooking us dinner and having a long soak in the bath, no one can tell him off for it or bang on the door for him to get out, like his Mum and Dad used to. But, most of all my favourite part of designing our home’s interior. I am so house proud now I’m not in a rented property. We are always cleaning and pottering around inside; I hate leaving the house now!

We’ve just had the best Christmas ever, on top of us being in our own first home, Lewie proposed! He shouted me to come downstairs on Christmas morning and we exchanged gifts in our beautiful living room. Then Lewie insisted that I open my card from him, which said on the front, to my amazing fiancé. I instantly began crying and when I looked up he was down on one knee, it was so romantic. I used to think that I wanted an extravagant proposal abroad but it was so perfect in our first home. We used to have to do Christmas either separately or take turns at our parent's homes so it was very special, we are on cloud nine and can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for us in our home as a newly engaged couple.

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