christmas in first home

Five Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Festive

After spending so much time at home during lockdown and with many Christmas activities off the agenda this year, if you’re struggling to bring on the Christmas cheer, do not fear as we’ve produced an easy guide how to make your Gleeson home feel more holly jolly this year, from trimming up your tree to blasting out Christmas songs.

1. Trim up early

After the year we’ve all had, we’ve seen lots of Gleeson homeowners get in the festive spirit early this year, with beautiful pictures of Christmas trees adorning Instagram feeds across the Gleeson community.

Getting your tree up is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, especially if this is the first year in your new Gleeson home. Whether you’re going for a real tree and or are dragging your fake one out of the loft, getting the tree up  definitely signifies the start of Christmas, and with lots of colour schemes to choose  from, whether you’re going for silver, gold or traditional red, putting your tree up really will kick start that festive feeling.


2. Get that Christmassy smell

The scents associated with Christmas definitely evoke that festive feeling. Whether you’re a pine lover, are obsessed with cinnamon or prefer a winter berry scent, there’s plenty of ways you can get Christmas scents spreading through your home.

Scented candles and wax melts are a great option, but if you’re feeling more creative you could make your own potpourri. Simply soak flowers of your choice in essential oils, add in a choice of dried berries, greenery, vanilla pods, and pinecones and then bake for two hours in the oven at 200 degrees. Take out and mix with more essential oils, then place in a decorative bowl and display for a beautiful smelling home. Ta dah!



3. Decorate your door

Your outdoor decorations are just as important as your indoor ones. Make a festive entrance with a classic wreath decoration placed on your front door. A wreath is not only an eye-catching embellishment but also every time you arrive home your wreath will give you that festive feeling. Choose from wreaths decorated with pinecones, and berries or perhaps go for a modern twist with bows and feathers. For a nice Christmas activity, why not try making your own wreath? It certainly will impress the delivery drivers dropping off your Christmas gifts. Easy to make and stunning to look at, all you need is a wire frame, leaves, greenery and festive decorations of your choice, a hot glue gun, ribbon or brown twine and some sharp cutters (scissors or wire cutters).


4. Get creative in the kitchen

Indulge your sweet tooth by filling your home with treats. Whether you’re a sucker for a box of chocolates or are a dab hand at rustling up mince pies, there’s no time like Christmas to get your bake on or stock up on all of the delights we try and avoid eating all year. For a quick fix that doesn’t even require turning the oven on, why not try decorating your own gingerbread house? Most large supermarkets sell decorating kits, plus the decorating is more fun than the eating sometimes!


5. Create a festive playlist

There’s nothing like festive music to get you in the  Christmas spirit. With many platforms available for you to make playlists on, such as Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Prime Music, simply add your Mariah’s and your Bubles to a playlist and blast out All I Want for Christmas around your home for instant an Christmas cheer.


We hope our guide will inspire you and help you have a truly magical Christmas, even if it means putting your tree up earlier than normal!  Dreaming of Christmas in a new home? We have over 70 developments to choose from, find your perfect home today and make 2021 the best year yet.