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Five easy money saving hacks

When homeownership is your goal and you’re determined to achieve it and purchase your first home, adapting your spending habits while saving for your deposit is likely to be key. Whether it be ditching the regular Dominos deliveries or enforcing a 30 day rule on your purchases; there’s so many easy ways to save £10 here and there, all adding up to get you closer to your target owning a home.

We know that buying a home is likely to be one of your biggest financial commitments to date, so we’ve put together five simple money saving hacks to help you get there faster.

Remember, buying a home is much simpler than you might think and with the help of our sales executives, friendly site managers and mortgage advisors you could own a home by Spring.

Fakeaways not takeaways

We all love a takeaway, but whether it be Dominoes or your local Chinese, the cost of takeaways can soon add up. To save money, alternate takeaways with a fantastic fakeaway. Fakeaways are much more cost friendly, develop your cooking skills, and most of the time can be healthier than their takeaway counterparts. While ordering from the local kebab shop is certainly easier, making your own fakeaway is much more rewarding too. Try using chicken, dried noodles or rice and vegetables to make a delicious Pad Thai or use a tortilla wrap, tomato puree, mozzarella, and your choice of toppings to make a low-calorie pizza. With the right ingredients, all available in supermarkets you can recreate almost any takeaway at home from fish and chips to your favourite curry.

Sell your spare clothes

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with clothes you just don’t wear anymore? Selling clothes is a great easy way to clear out your crammed wardrobe and make some cash whilst doing so. Selling clothes is easier than ever with a plethora of apps to choose from, such as Ebay, Depop, Shpock, Vinted, PreLoved, Asos Marketplace and more. Simply take a clear photo of your clothing from the front and back, write a short description covering size, level of wear and tear and where it was originally bought from and you’re good to go. A week later, more than likely someone will have either bid on your item or purchased it outright and with just a trip to your local Post Office to contend with you’ve earnt yourself some easy money.

Reuse and regift

If you’ve been holding onto gifts out of guilt that you’ve received for a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or any other celebration of the sort, stop. If you don’t like the gift, consider regifting them to someone who may like it more. Not only are you then saving money on a present but you’re ensuring the gift doesn’t go to waste and isn’t sat collecting dust in your home.

Price sort by low to high

Online shopping is one of our only means of spending at the moment. However, if you find yourself browsing online and are tempted to spend, try to sort the items from ‘priced low to high’. By doing this you will see the more affordable items first, meaning you’re less likely to be sucked in by a pricey item.

Use the 30 day rule

A sensible way of saving money is by using the 30 day rule. When considering making a purchase, if you exercise restraint and wait 30 days before making the purchase and you still want the item after 30 days have passed then go ahead, if the item is no longer as desirable after 30 days then you’ve successfully saved your money! Doing this for pricier items such as technology, expensive clothes or make up is a great way of avoiding splurging out on big items. Plus, delaying your purchases by 30 days gives you time to consider whether it’s something you really do need, or whether in reality it’s just a want.

Whilst all these things will help, knowing what future you can afford too is a great idea. We have a team of new build expert Mortgage Advisors that we work in collaboration with and our knowledgeable, friendly sales executives are very clued up on purchasing schemes to help you get moving quicker. The Help to Buy: Equity Loan is just one of them. With the Help to Buy: Equity Loan, you'll only need a low deposit of 5% and the Government will provide an equity loan of up to 20% of the purchase price of your chosen home. Upon reserving, exchanging and build completion, your Help to Buy: Equity Loan contribution, and deposit funds will be put together and when your solicitor is satisfied that the legal process is complete, legal completion can take place and you will receive the keys to your dream home.

To speak to a mortgage advisor about what you can borrow, you can use our simple mortgage calculator here and upon your request an advisor will be in touch. We have over 70 developments to choose from, so why not find your Gleeson home today, with prices from £98,995 and homes located across the North and the Midlands, what are you waiting for?