The interior trends of 2022 you need to know about!

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that home really is where the heart is and as we head into 2022, a refresh of your interior is a must with plenty of new trends to try out.

It comes as no surprise to us that 2022 will see interior design focus on cosiness, comfort and lots of natural touches. So, when turning your house into a home, try and incorporate our top five 2022 interior trends.

  1. Shades of green

The colour of life, renewal, nature and energy, green is set to be the colour of 2022 with Pinterest seeing searches for ‘green interior inspiration’ increase by 80 per cent already this year. We expect to see this earthy colour blended into our interiors through the use of sage or olive feature walls, a chunky textured rug or green tiles in your kitchen and bathroom.

If you love the colour but don't want to make any permanent changes to your home, add in bursts of rich jewel-toned greens through your cushions, prints and decorative items, such as vases, plants or even bedding!

However, to throw a curve ball in, paint brand Dulux have chosen to go against the grain and announced Bright Skies (a shade of blue) for their Colour of the Year 2022… are you a blue or green fan!?

  1. Working from home

As many of us continue to work remotely, making a dedicated space in your home that works for you is key. As we settle  into the new normal, makeshift setups will be replaced by dedicated study spaces.

This will influence how to style your spare room, with the likes of our popular three bedroom house types the Kilkenny, Fergus and Tyrone as well as our four bedroom Longford and Carlow – all feature a versatile room which could be perfectly styled into a home office space.

Remember, you’re working from home not living at work so make sure everything can be stored out of the way once 5pm comes around.

  1. Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability will be a massive 2022 trend, the eco-evolution is just around the corner. 2022 will see an emphasis on sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing, the reuse and resale of furniture and upcycling DIY projects.

Whether it is making a chair out of wooden pallets, or building your own panelling, the pandemic has injected confidence in our own abilities to create useful masterpieces crafted from natural materials and sustainable eco-friendly resources - giving us a sense of pride for doing things independently too.

Showcasing sustainable design in interiors is a great way to draw attention to the ingenious ways in which modern living can be achieved in harmony with nature.

Luckily for you, you’re already on the sustainability trend by buying a Gleeson home! Gleeson homes are incredibly sustainable, new build homes are more energy efficient than their older counterparts, with a brand-new boiler, better insulation materials used and a better structure keeping heat in, your new home will not only be cosy and warm but will also save you money. New homes are six times more efficient than homes built in the 1960’s* and the latest double glazing is twice as efficient as double glazing from the 1990s*. According to Energy Performance Certificate data, more than 8 out of 10* new builds have the top A or B rating for energy efficiency compared to just 2.2%* of existing properties.

Electricity wise, all of your appliances are… you guessed it, brand new! Meaning they have the highest electricity efficiency, saving you money compared to using an older oven which may pre-exist in a second-hand home. Plus, all of the appliances fitted in your home will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and lastly, every Gleeson home comes complete with energy efficient light bulbs as standard.

  1. Curved/rounded shapes

Soft lines and rounded shapes are not new to the interior world, however, they are predicted to remain strong into the new year bringing a beautiful fluidity to the room. The round style and flowing lines, along with shades of blue and green, are all characteristics of the 70’s retro design and can be integrated into your décor through prints and ornaments and even light fixtures.

When you are out and about shopping, keep your eyes peeled for tables, lamps, and sofas without right angles, plus, chairs and stools that have a softened, rounded base.

  1. Zen and minimalism remains

A trend which is here to stay for the foreseeable is minimalism. Most of you may have already tried to get rid of any unnecessary items out of your home, creating a free, open space to relax in and this trend is expected to continue.

To achieve the zen-minimalism look, reduce the number of pieces of furniture in your rooms. Also, stick to one or two main materials, such as glass, suede, or velvet. ‘Back to basics’, ‘less is more’ minimalism is all about taking us back to the bare essentials.

All of our show homes are styled in a way we hope you will love, each with its own individual interior trends incorporated.

Visit your nearest development to have a walk around and start your search with Gleeson today here.