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2021 Interior Trends that you should look out for

It’s been a long year and with 2021 just around the corner we’ve been looking at ways you can bring your home into the new year in style.

With some existing trends continuing into 2021 and several new ones on the horizon, from crowd pleasing lighting to gallery walls there’s plenty of stunning interior inspiration to get stuck into in our blog. To pull it all together we consulted our interior designer Vanessa Loveridge, Managing Director of Signature Luxury Interiors, the company behind our spectacular show homes about which trends you should look out for and incorporate into your home in 2021.

1. Work from home chic

It’s no surprise that the biggest trend of 2021, is creating a space to work. This time last year, the need for a home office probably hadn’t even crossed your mind but now many of us need to create a space that inspires concentration, creativity is comfy and has an impressive backdrop for all those Zoom calls.

 Interior designers have stated that 2021 will be the year the home office is firmly established as a staple in the modern home. Work from home in style by picking a chair, desk, and accessories to make your colleagues envious when you dial in. Wayfair, Ikea, Dunelm, and John Lewis are our top five places we suggest you look when kitting out your office. With a three-bedroom Gleeson home, your third bedroom certainly doubles up well as an office.

                                                                                                                      Greymoor Meadows Kilkenny show home

2. Sculpture lighting

Say goodbye to boring light fixtures in 2021. Suspension lights and sculptured light fittings and lamps are expected to be everywhere in the New Year. A dynamic lighting arrangement can add so much to your home and whilst functional, lighting creates a focal point and can totally change a room’s mood. Thoughtful well-placed lamps are key too, casting shadows on furniture and making accessories pop. With our vast variety of options and extras you can really make a statement with your lighting, add white or brushed chrome downlighters to create a modern look in your kitchen or bathroom.

                                                                                                                      Hays Park Cork show home

3. Bring the outdoors in

All Gleeson homes come with a garden, yet flowers and plants are an in-home staple too, bringing an abundance of life, colour, and energy to your space.  Now more than ever, following a 2020 spent indoors, we are seeing the great outdoors being brought into our homes. Plus, plants give us something to care for, making us feel like we’re closer to nature, great for when cooped up working from home. With this trend developing further in 2021, we expect to see an increase in plant sales whether they are real, faux or dried flowers.

However, bringing the outdoors in doesn’t have to stop with plants, usually seen on patios rattan furniture can be chic, modern and on-trend when brought into the home. Style indoor rattan furniture with monochrome accessories, layered cushions and throws.

                                                                                                         Hays Park Cork show home 

4. Shelfies

Shelving doesn’t seem to be going out of style in 2021. Providing ample storage and a place to display accessories, shelving is a great addition to any home. Knowing how to style shelving is the difference between a cluttered display and a refined work of art. When styling your shelf, you should consider adding interesting and eye-catching accessories, vary the items your using but keep them to a similar colour palette. Vary the heights of your items and consider layering items behind one another like picture frames and books to make your shelves more interesting.

What can you put on your shelves?

  • Books or magazines – stick to a colour scheme and pop a selection of books and magazines onto your shelves. Create height with different length books and front face the books with interesting front covers.
  • Pictures or artwork – from family photographs to prints, consider lining your shelves with photos. Keep your colours consistent and pick frames with similar finishes.
  • Greenery - whether they’re real or fake, plants bring life to your home; they help add a different texture to your arrangements.
  • Vases or decorative items - adding a variety of accessories like candles, vases or ornaments will help bring your shelves to life.

                                                                                                                      @foxtonhome living room

5. Gallery walls

Gallery walls are a great way to create statement in your home. Establishing a gallery wall can be fun and therapeutic too. It is important to begin with one central key piece as your gallery wall concept. Allow your favourite piece to influence the colours tones and styles of the rest of your gallery wall. If starting from scratch, consider what appeals to you, colour, texture, and size wise. Consider the location where your gallery wall will be, in the master bedroom above the bed, in the living room on the wall behind your sofa or behind your dining table are ideal places. Browse print websites such as Desenio or look through Etsy and support small independent artists. We’ve seen plenty of stunning gallery walls on Gleeson homeowners Instagram’s recently. Share yours with us by using the hashtags - #gleesonhomes #gleesonhomescommunity.

                                                                                                         Carwood Park, Kildare kitchen

6. Painting and panelling

In 2020, we all turned into DIY whizzes, as there was nothing else to do! One of the trends that 2021 can look forward to is ‘masking up’. With several Gleeson homeowners using masking tape to create geometric patterns on their walls. This allows your walls to become a focus piece of your home rather than just in the background. This growing trend allows you to create a statement on a budget. All you need is a good masking tape, so the paint doesn’t bleed, coloured paint of your choice and a design, there’s plenty on Pinterest to pick from.

Unlike other superficial trends, panelling is here to stay in 2021, stunning panelled walls add texture and personality to a wall. To make your panelling wall, simply measure to your wall horizontal and vertical ways, purchase thin wooden timber pieces either at the right size or saw to size, sand them down and secure them to the wall using no nails glue and screws at the top and bottom. Then simply prime and paint over the wooden panels as well as in between them in a colour of your choice. Look at how amazing @tyronehome, @our_first_home_no55 and @mymodelhome’s panelling walls looks.

                                                                                                                  @tyronehome_'s living room

7. Earthy grounded shades, the colour of the year

The colours setting the tone for 2021 are set to be neutral earthy grounded shades. Dulux’s colour of the year is Brave Ground™, a shade that inspires thoughts of nature. A simple colour, Brave Ground™ is warm and earthy, evoking feelings of growth, potential and creativity according to the leading paint manufacturer. We know that Gleeson homeowners love neutral colours, and a simple paint shade can change the whole feel of a room, so we’re very onboard with painting some of our show homes this beautiful colour.

                                                                                                         Petersmiths Park Carlow show home

  1. Accessory grouping

Accessory grouping is a huge 2021 trend. The key to grouping and styling interiors is keeping it odd, use three items or five items as it helps balance out the composition of your arrangement and makes it more pleasing to the eye. Consider the space you are styling, don’t overcrowd the area;your arrangement should be complimenting the space not making it stand out for the wrong reasons.

The next feature to consider is the height of your accessories within your group, keep a variety of different sizes tall, short, big or small, as this creates a balance within your space. Our biggest advice is to experiment keep playing around with grouping if you think your happy but not sure take a photograph of your display and evaluate it. Play around with different ideas until you’re happy as simply moving or changing one item can change the look of your accessory group massively. Georgia and Shane of @home_at_davyclose do this trend well, we love their Instagram. 


So, 2021 will be a year of stunning style and we hope we’ve given you all of the interior inspiration to make it happen. None of this needs to cost a fortune, find shelfie gems in B&M and The Range and head to Wilko for good quality, wallet friendly paint.

Want to feel even more inspired? Why not make an appointment to come and see our show homes? With over 20 house styles to choose from and over 200 show homes across the North and the Midlands to visit, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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