10 Steps to Falling in Love with Your Garden

If you’re facing the possibility of spending more time at home than usual and you have a garden or outdoor space, now is the perfect time to treat your garden to some TLC.

Step One: It’s likely to need a good sweep. If you have a rake, rake up any leaves from the grass or use a hard bristled brush to sweep up any fallen foliage from patio areas.

Step Two: With the warmer weather setting in, it’s the perfect time for the first grass cut of the year. Adjust the settings on your lawnmower to ensure you don’t cut it too short this first time.

Step Three: Deadhead any flowers. You don’t have to be Monty Don or Alan Titchmarsh to remove some dried flower heads, just go for it, your plants will appreciate the trim.

Step Four: Top up any pots with new soil and potentially plant some summer bulbs; alliums, agapanthus and cannas are ideal for springtime planting.

Step Five: Hoe off any weeds that are appearing. This is best done on a dry day as the weeds should die off quicker.

Step Six: April is also a great month to jet wash any decking and clean your garden furniture. If you don’t have a jet wash, a hose pipe or bucket of warm water along with a brush or cloth should do the trick. It’s also a great time to wash your cushion and seat covers.

Step Seven: Look online for stores selling plant pots. Pots with stands and terrazzo design pots would give a clean, contemporary feel.

Step Eight: Hang any lighting ready for the spring and summer evenings. Solar lighting is easy to install and is more eco-friendly than electric (plus, bank account friendly too!).

Step Nine: Don’t forget the birds. They still need food and water unless you’ve got cats of course!

Step Ten: Sit back with a cup of tea, relax and share your gram-worthy garden on social.

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